The Gamal by Ciarán Collins, Winner of The Rooney Prize for Irish Literature and Le Prix Des Lecteurs Escpades, France. Extras-Ciar n Collins

Ciarán Collins 

Creativity in Education

"Enhancing Student Creativity: An Exploratory Study of the Views and Experiences of School Leaders"
by Ciarán Collins 

This research inquiry is an exploratory study on the views and experiences of School Leaders (SL) on the enhancement of student creativity. Creativity has been growing in importance for educators in recent years, as the world that students of today will enter as adults is one characterized by rapid and constant change.
It is in this context that a focus on creativity has emerged in Irish government policies and initiatives in the educational and cultural domains, which include the aim of increasing opportunities for young people to develop their creativity. As well as this investment, the government invests in a model of distributed leadership in primary and post-primary schools that encourages SLs to view schools as learning organisations, where school improvements can be brought about by internal school review, to improve students’ learning. It is a model that puts SLs at the centre of leading teaching, learning and school development in their schools.

The research used an interpretivist qualitative method of semi-structured interviews, to gather the views and experiences of school leaders, on enhancing student creativity in their schools. 14 were interviewed, seven primary and seven post-primary, including principals, deputy principals and assistant principals. Thematic analysis was used to analyze the data that was produced, and this yielded three overarching themes, which each had three subthemes.

Masters Dissertation (MESL)
Universtity of Limerick 2021

Teaching Council FÉILTE Conference 2021 Panel Discussion
Reimagining Creative Spaces in Schools